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 New Minor in the College of Arts and Sciences:  Atmospheric Sciencesstarting Fall 2012

A new minor is available for students who have an interest in understanding the Physics behind the atmosphere.  These topics include:  atmospheric measurements, weather, climate change and policy.  Students in this minor will be able to appreciate the science behind some of nature’s greatest hazards:  floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and heat waves while,at the same time,being exposed to research and state-of-the-arCONSIDER A MINOR IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESt facilities at Howard University.   The Atmospheric Science minor is administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy.   Students are required to take 18 credit hours of Atmospheric Science courses.  Students must also include in their curriculum Calculus I and II.  The first course – Weather and Society (PHYS 016) – will be taught in the Fall of 2012.  For additional information, please contact Dr. Gregory Jenkins  (gjenkins@howard.edu),Dr. Prabhakar Misra (pmisra@howard.edu) or the Main Office in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at202-806-6245.CONSIDER A MINOR IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES



Atmospheric Science Minor Scheme (18 Credits)
Atmospheric Science Minor Mandatory Courses
Prerequisite Course Number Course Name Credits
None PHYS 016 (GENED) Weather and Society 3
None PHYS 017 (GENED) Climate Change and Policy 3
PHYS 013, PHYS 014, MATH 156, MATH 157 PHYS 018 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences 3
PHYS 018 PHYS 019 Atmospheric Observations and Measurements 3
Total     12
Advanced Courses for Atmospheric Science Minors (choose 2)
PHYS 018, MATH 159 PHYS 1501 Atmospheric Physics I 3
PHYS 018 PHYS 152 Introduction to Cloud Physics 3
PHYS 018 PHYS 153 Synoptic Lab and Forecasting 3
PHYS 150 PHYS 2521 Remote Sensing of the atmosphere 3
Total     6
Optional Atmospheric Science Courses for Minors
None PHYS 030 Earth and Space Science I 3
None PHYS 031 Earth and Space Science II 3
PHYS 018 PHYS 156 Climate Dynamics 3
PHYS 018,PHYS 019 PHYS 157 Applications and Data Analysis 3
Total  for minor     18
        1.     This is a graduate level course.