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Catchings, Robert M., Ph.D., Wayne State, 1970. Solid state physics.
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Tel.: 806-67005


Gatica, Silvina, Ph.D., Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1995. Physical Sciences.
Room: 205 TKH, Tel: 806-7665


Hubsch, Tristan, Ph.D., Maryland, 1987. Elementary particle physics; field theory, strings.
Room: 213 TKH, Tel.: 806-6267

Lindesay, James, Ph.D. Stanford, 1981. Theoretical physics.
Room: 201 TKH, Tel.: 806-7203


Lowe, Walter P., Ph.D., Stanford, 1983. Condensed matter physics, Synchrotron radiation.
Room: 113 TKH, Tel.: 806-6254


Misra, Prabhakar, Ph.D., Ohio State, 1986. Molecular spectroscopy, chemical physics.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6251

Williams, Quinton L., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology 1996. Physics-Optics and Photonics.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6245 (Chair)


Professors Emeriti


Chung, David Y., Ph.D., British Columbia (Canada), 1966. Solid state physics; Ultrasonics; Optics.


Klein, Lewis S., Ph.D., Yale, 1958. Laser spectroscopy; Plasma physics.


Kumar, Cidambi K., Ph.D., Michigan, 1969. Astronomy: Astrophysics.


Venable, Demetrius D., Ph.D., American 1974. Optical physics.


Associate Professors


Alfred, Marcus, Ph.D., Howard, 2000. Physics.
Room: 202 TKH, Tel.: 806-6258


Assistant Professors

Coley, Joel, Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2015
Room: 215 TKH, Tel.: 806-6257

Dev, Pratibha, Ph.D., University of Buffalo, 2009
Room: 200 TKH, Tel.: 806-6256

Guchhait, Samaresh, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2007
Room: 113 TKH, Tel.: 806-6254

Searles, Thomas, Ph.D., Rice University , 2011
Room: 204 TKH, Tel.: 806-6244




Casimir, Daniel, Ph.D., Howard University, 2015. Physics
Room G 12 TKH, Tel: 806-4252

Garcia-Sanchez, Raul F., Ph.D., Howard University, 2016. Physics
Room 101 TKH, Tel: 806-6253
Katona, Gregory , Ph.D., (Graduate Faculty), 2013. Howard University,     Physics

Room G-8 TKH, Tel: 806-6245

Smith, Johnathan , Ph.D.,2009. Howard University,  PhysicsRoom 203 TKH, Tel: 806-62xx

Thompson, Segayle, Ph.D., Howard University, 2009. Atmospheric Science (Physics).
Room 101 TKH, Tel: 806-6253 

Weldegaber, Mengsteab, Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2009. Atmospheric Physics.
Room: 215 TKH, Tel.: 806-6257

Administrative Staff



Technical Staff


Crutchfield, Ronald, Technician.
Room: G-11 TKH, Tel.: 806-5687