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Dr. Pratibha Dev

Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

April 19, 3:40 PM

Thirkield Hall (Physics), room 103


Centers in Diamond: Alternative Solid - State Qubit Candidates

In recent years, the search for room - temperature solid - state qubit (quantum bit) candidates has revived interest in the study of defect properties in semiconductors . I n particular, defects called deep - center defects in semiconductors are known to have non - zero high - spin states and are of interest to quantum technologies such as quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum metrology. One of these defects - charged NV - c enter in diamond - has demonstrated the use of such syste ms in quantum applications . Increasingly, however, there is an interest in exploring deep defects in alternative semiconductors due to the challenges posed by diamond as the host materia l. In order to streamline the search for alternative qubit - candidates , we need to understand the mechanism behind the formation of defect - induced high - spin states in semiconductors. In this talk, I will briefly discuss this mechanism. I will also present our Density Functional T heory (DFT) and group theory work on very promising alternatives to the NV - centers in dia mond: (1) defects in silicon carbide (SiC), and (2) defects in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN).



Refreshments will be served at 3:15pm