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Dr. Zameer Hassan

Department of Physics, Temple University


October 27, 3:30 PM

Thirkield Hall (Physics), room 103


The Ice age of Nano-Photonics and Electronics


As ever larger and faster tasks are demanded from smaller and smaller solid state devices. The problem of heat dissipation is setting the limit to miniaturization. In atomic scale or quantum devices this problem appears at an earlier stage. In principle, most of them cannot operate at high temperatures as phonons muddle their energies. This talk will first present our work on miniaturizing the future photonics with two specific examples:
• Chemically controlled laser pulsed vapor deposition has been used to atomically tailor thinfilm-structures of photonic materials. In these structures different atomic centers of rare earth ions have been tailored for storing information in their optical spectrum; ‘Spectral Storage’. We have demonstrated that multiple-layers of such materials provide the highest density of storage.
• Hardware of future nano-devices would require control and manipulation of quantum interactions. We have fabricated arrays of quantum dots doped with optically active ions with a control over their size and the separation between the dots as well as the number of optically active impurity ions per dot. The energy levels and wavefunctions of these ions have been tailored to enhance electron-photon interactions. Such novel arrays are expected to provide the localization, switching and steering of quantum interactions with minimum heat generation.

The ultimate barrier to the implementation of above technologies is the low temperature of operation for these devices. This talk will also present our efforts in this direction by tailoring some new materials for laser refrigeration of solids and demonstrating cooling in them. These materials have been shown to have potential to miniaturize refrigeration hardware, thus bringing cooling where it is needed, i.e., ‘cooling on the chip’.


Refreshments will be served at 3:15 pm