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Dr. Tilak Hewagama

Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland and

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

February 22, 3:40 PM

Thirkield Hall (Physics), room 103


Planetary Science from a Shoebox

Interplanetary SmallSat/CubeSat missions are feasible given recent developments in propulsion, power, and communications infrastructure. Carefully tuned trajectories from translunar and near-Earth deployment will enable missions to comets, asteroids, Mars and Venus. Compact, CubeSat-compatible, UV-Vis-IR remote sensing instruments can address broad planetary science goals. Availability of high quality, commercial instruments reduce mission development complexity and cost. The next decade will likely set the foundations and pathways for planetary science investigations using CubeSats. We will discuss a mission concept to a close approach comet and the science instrument trade space for remote sensing payloads on such missions. .



Refreshments will be served at 3:30pm