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Faculty - Dr. Belay B. Demoz


Title: Associate Professor

Research Fields: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Meteorological Observations


Email: bbdemoz@Howard.edu

Website: http://meiyu.atmphys.howard.edu/beltsville/inde3.html

Phone: 202-806-6267

Fax: 202-806-5830

Office: Thirkield Hall, room 213



Howard University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
2355 6th St. NW
Washington, DC 20059


Degree: Ph.D, University of Nevada and DRI, 1992, Atmospheric Physics


Selected Publications:

Demoz, B., C. Flamant, T. Weckwerth, D. Whiteman, K. Evans, F. Fabry, P. Di Girolamo, D. Miller, B. Geerts, W. Brown, G. Schwemmer, B. Gentry, W. Feltz, and Z. Wang, 2006: The dryline on 22 May 2002 during IHOP_2002: Convective scale measurements at the profiling site. Mon. Wea. Rev. (January 2006)

D. N. Whiteman, B. Demoz, P. Di Girolamo, J. Comer, I. Veselovskii, K. Evans, Z. Wang, M. Cadirola, K. Rush, G. Schwemmer, B. Gentry, S. H.Melfi, B. Mielke, D. Venable, T. Van Hove, 2005: Raman Lidar Measurements During the International H2O Project. I. Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques. In Press. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

Whiteman, D., B. B. Demoz, F. Schmidlin, F. Russo, I. Veselovski, S. Hannon, A. Gambacorta, Z. Wang, L. Miloshevich, B. Lesht, H. Vomel, C. Barnet, 2005: The AIRS Water Vapor Experiment and its Relationship to Aqua Validation, , In Press. J. Geoph. Research

Demoz, B., D. O'C. Starr, K.D. Evans, A. R. Lare, D. N. Whiteman, G. Schwemmer, R. A. Ferrare, J.E.M. Goldsmith and S.E. Bisson, 2005: The Cold Front of 15 April 1994 Over Central U.S.: Observations. Mon. Wea. Rev., 133, No. 6, pp 1525–1543.

Griaznov, V, I. Veselovskii, P. Di Girolamo, B. Demoz, and D. N. Whiteman, 2004: Numerical simulation of light backscattering by spheres with off-center inclusion. Application to the lidar case. Applied Optics. 43, 1-11.

Weckwerth, T., D. Parsons, S. Koch, S. Moore, M. LeMone, B. Demoz, C. Flamant, B. Geerts, J. Wang and W. Feltz, 2004: An Overview of the International H2O Project (IHOP_2002) and Some Preliminary Highlights. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 85, 253-277.

Di Girolamo, P., B. Demoz and D. Whiteman 2003: Model simulations of melting hydrometeors: A new lidar bright band from melting frozen drops. Geophys. Res. Lett., 30, 12, 1626.

Demoz, B. B., D. O'C. Starr, D. N. Whiteman, K. Evans, and D. Hlavka, 2000: Raman LIDAR detection of cloud base. Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 13, 1899-1902.

Demoz, B.B., D.O'C. Starr, K.R. Chan, and S.W. Bowen, 1998: Wavelet Analysis of Dynamical Processes in Cirrus, Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, 9, 1339-1343.

Demoz, B. B., J. L. Collett, Jr., and B. C. Daube, Jr., 1996: On the design and performance of the California institute of technology cloudwater collector. Atmos. Res., 41, 47-62.

Demoz, B. B., R. Zhang, R. Pitter, and D. Mitchell, 1993: An analysis of Sierra Nevada winter orographic storms: Ground--based ice crystal observations. J Appl. Meteor., 42, 1826-1836.

Demoz, B. B., and A. W. Huggins, 1993: Field performance of a Spinning Reflector Microwave Radiometer. J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol., 10, 3, 420-427.

Demoz, B. B., J. A. Warburton, and R. H. Stone, 1990: The influence of rimming on the oxygen isotopic composition of ice-phase winter precipitation. Atmos. Res., 26 , 6, 463-489.

Fitting, H. J. and B. B. Demoz (1987): Electrical and Optical investigation of soil suspensions, rock crush solutions and Red Sea water, Wilhelm--Pieck--University of Rostock, GDR, 36, pp. 27--30.