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Alfred, Marcus

Alfred, Marcus, Ph.D., Howard, 2000. Physics.
Room: 202 TKH, Tel.: 806-6258


Catchings, Robert M.

Catchings, Robert M., Ph.D., Wayne State, 1970. Solid state physics.
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Tel.: 806-6700


Cooke, Anne

Cooke, Anne E., Administrative Assistant.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6245


Crutchfield, Ronald

Crutchfield, Ronald, Technician.
Room: G-11 TKH, Tel.: 806-5687



Gatica, Silvina

Gatica, Silvina, Ph.D., University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995. Physical Sciences.
Room: 101 TKH, Tel: 806-6253


Grant, Julius

Grant, Julius, Ph.D., Machinist/Research Technician.
Room: G-12 TKH, Tel.: 806-6255


Hubsch, Tristan

Hubsch, Tristan, Ph.D., Maryland, 1987. Elementary particle physics; field theory, strings.
Room: 213 TKH, Tel.: 806-6267


Lindesay, James

Lindesay, James, Ph.D. Stanford, 1981. Field theory, computational physics.
Room: 201 TKH, Tel.: 806-7203


Lowe, Walter P.

Lowe, Walter P., Ph.D., Stanford, 1983. Condensed matter physics, Synchrotron radiation.
Room: 200 TKH, Tel.: 806-9000


Misra, Prabhakar

Misra, Prabhakar, Ph.D., Ohio State, 1986. Molecular spectroscopy, chemical physics.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6245 



Williams, Quinton L., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology 1996. Physics-Optics and Photonics.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6249 (Chair)