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Alfred, Marcus

Alfred, Marcus, Ph.D., Howard, 2000. Physics.
Room: 202 TKH, Tel.: 806-6258


Batra, Anand P.

Batra, Anand P., Ph.D., Rensselaer, 1966. Solid state physics.
Room: 113 TKH, Tel.: 806-6254

Catchings, Robert M.

Catchings, Robert M., Ph.D., Wayne State, 1970. Solid state physics.
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Tel.: 806-6700


Cooke, Anne

Cooke, Anne E., Administrative Assistant.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6245


Crutchfield, Ronald

Crutchfield, Ronald, Technician.
Room: G-11 TKH, Tel.: 806-5687



Demoz, Belay, Ph.D., University of Nevada-Reno and Desert Research Institute (DRI), 1992. Atmoshperic Physics.
(Mesocale Atmospheric Processes Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Gatica, Silvina

Gatica, Silvina, Ph.D., University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995. Physical Sciences.
Room: 101 TKH, Tel: 806-6253


Grant, Julius

Grant, Julius, Ph.D., Machinist/Research Technician.
Room: G-12 TKH, Tel.: 806-6255


Hubsch, Tristan

Hubsch, Tristan, Ph.D., Maryland, 1987. Elementary particle physics; field theory, strings.
Room: 213 TKH, Tel.: 806-6267


Jenkins, Gregory

Jenkins, Gregory, Ph.D. Michigan, 1991. Atmospheric science.
Room: 102 TKH, Tel.: 806-6251 

Joseph, Everette, Ph.D., SUNY - Albany , 1997, Physics.
Room: 200 TKH, Tel.: 806-6256


Lindesay, James

Lindesay, James, Ph.D. Stanford, 1981. Field theory, computational physics.
Room: 201 TKH, Tel.: 806-7203


Lowe, Walter P.

Lowe, Walter P., Ph.D., Stanford, 1983. Condensed matter physics, Synchrotron radiation.
Room: 200 TKH, Tel.: 806-9000


Misra, Prabhakar

Misra, Prabhakar, Ph.D., Ohio State, 1986. Molecular spectroscopy, chemical physics.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6245 


Salu, Yehuda

Salu, Yehuda, Ph.D., Tel Aviv (Israel), 1973. Biophysics; Medical physics.
Room: 201 TKH, Tel.: 806-6025


Stancil, Kimani, Ph.D., MIT, 2002. Physics
Room: 205 TKH, Tel.: 806-7665


Thorpe, Arthur N.

Thorpe, Arthur N., Ph.D., Howard, 1964. Magnetism; Solid state physics.
Room: 204 TKH, Tel.: 806-6255


Venable, Demetrius D.

Venable, Demetrius D., Ph.D., American 1974. Optical physics.
Room: 203 TKH, Tel.: 806-6259


Williams, Quinton L., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology 1996. Physics-Optics and Photonics.
Room: 105 TKH, Tel.: 806-6249 (Chair)