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Faculty - Dr. Quinton L. Williams


Title: Chair and Professor of Physics

Research Fields:  Optics and Photonics


Email: quinton.williams@howard.edu


Phone: 202-806-6245

Fax: 202-806-5830

Office: Thirkield Hall, room 105



Howard University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
2355 6th St. NW
Washington, DC 20059


Degree: Ph.D. in Physics 1996 - Physics-Optics and Photonics, Georgia Institute of Technology


Selected Publications:

Napolion, B., Watts, J.D., Huang, M.-J., McFarland, F.M., McClendon, E.E., Walters, W.L., Williams, Q.L., Accurate theoretical predictions for carbonyl diazide molecules: A coupled-cluster study of the potential energy surface and thermochemical properties, Chemical Physics Letters 559, pp. 18-25 (2013).
White, L.D., Reddy, R.S., Liu, H., Williams, Q. L., Shoemake, J., Thirty years of meteorological education at a historically black university, Journal of Geoscience Education 61 (1), pp. 20-27 (2013).
Jian-Ge Zhou and Quinton L. Williams, Hydrogen storage on platinum-decorated carbon nanotubes with boron, nitrogen dopants or sidewall vacancies, Journal of Nano Research, Journal of Nano Research 15, pp. 29-40 (2011).
Brian Napolion, Joya Anthony, Patrina Thompson, Eric E. McClendon, Wilbur L. Walters and Quinton L. Williams, On the stability of S(OF)2: A coupled-cluster analysis of the structures and thermochemical properties for conformers of sulfur-oxyfluorides,  Chemical Physics Letters, 503 (1-3), pp. 29-32 (2011).

Napolion, B., Hagelberg, F., Huang, M.-J., Watts, J.D., Simeon, T.M., Vereen, D., Walters, W.L., Williams, Q.L., Theoretical investigation into the structural, thermochemical, and electronic properties of the decathio[10]circulene, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115 (31) , pp. 8682-8690 (2011).