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Faculty - Dr. Quinton L. Williams


Thank you for your interest in Howard University!

At HU, students who fully invest themselves with our outstanding faculty and commit earnestly to their academic program of study will be transformed into scholars of the highest caliber.  Our mission serves to produce exceptional, globally-aware, technically astute, compassionate leaders who are able to think critically to discover solutions to problems that impact the world.
To facilitate your first-class academic experience, we have a superb staff of knowledgeable professionals who are ready to help you with registration and advisement.  Our highly skilled faculty members operate at the frontiers of research.  As a high research activity university, HU serves as a shining example of why Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are still very much relevant in the 21st century.
A private institution located in the heart of Washington, D.C., Howard is well positioned to assist the nation in its quest to develop new technologies and services for building a stronger economy, a more effective educational system and a safer homeland.  You will become an integral part of this work through the various instructional exercises and training activities that are built into our curriculum.  You will be ambassadors of the broader HBCU family at this flag-ship institution.
As the oldest of only four Ph.D. granting physics programs at an HBCU, our faculty members conduct research in many areas which include Nanotechnology, Materials Science, String Theory, Laser Spectroscopy, Optics and Photonics, Atmospheric Sciences, Computational Sciences, Renewable Energy, Magnetics and Theoretical and Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.  Several of our faculty members are also active researchers within the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Atmospheric Sciences at the Howard University National Center for Atmospheric Sciences.
I especially welcome international students because you can decide to attend any institution in the world but you are choosing Howard University.  Likewise, I extend a warm welcome to non-minority students and trust that you too will feel right at home as a part of the ever growing, diverse HU family.  Finally, I extend a heartfelt welcome to those who have served our country in uniform. We will certainly work diligently to assist you in achieving your educational objectives.
For undergraduate students, this is the beginning of your journey into higher education and it will be filled with excitement and challenge.  In four short years, you will graduate with skills, knowledge and experiences that will make you one of the most potentially powerful leaders that this world has yet to meet.  For graduate students, you will have to push yourself from within to truly make the expected transformation that the Howard experience is designed to deliver.  We ask that you study hard, stay strong and never give up on your dream of becoming a world-class scientist.  With these key ingredients, we can help you succeed.
Academically yours,
​Quinton L. Williams
Chair and Professor of Physics