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Atmospheric Physics



The Climate and Radiation Group (CARG) is being developed as a core research component in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Sciences (HUPAS). CARG is also a key participant in Center for the Study of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Atmospheres (CSTEA) and the NOAA-Howard University Cooperative Center for Atmospheric Sciences. CARG’s overall research goal is to investigate unresolved questions in climate change and its impact on society. CARG is particularly interested in engaging in research that contributes: To an improved understanding of the the role of clouds and the H2O cycle in climate through the development and application of climate models and innovative techniques in remote sensing: To understanding the impact of climate on public health.




George Caruthers, Belay Demoz, Greg Jenkins, Everette Joseph, Demetrius Venable,


Recent Select Publications


M. Adam, D. Venable, R. Connell, E. Joseph, D. N. Whiteman, B. B. Demoz. Performance of the Howard University Raman Lidar during 2006 WAVES campaign, (Accepted for publication in Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials)


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Profile Observations of the Saharan Air Layer During: 2005 AEROSE 2004 2005. N. Nalli, Pablo Clemente-Colon, V. Morris, E. Joseph, M. Goldberg, M. Szczodrak, P. Minnett, and J. Shannahoff, Geophys. Res. L. (Accepted) 2005:


“Hands-on” Diversity: Training Underrepresented Students Through Atmospheric Experimentation. E. Joseph, J. D. Fuentes, B. Demoz, D. Venable, E. Daniel Carre, F. Nzeffe, S. Walford, M. Robjhon, R. Pearson, K. Apodaca, R. Mahecha, H. Moore, J. Seymore, BAMS (Accepted)


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