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Suggested Course Sequence

Fall Spring
Freshman Year  
PHYS 013 PHYS 014
PHYS 023 PHYS 024
MATH 156 MATH 157
ENGL 002 ENGL 003
Foreign Language Foreign Language
FRSM 001  
Semester credits 17 Semester credits 16
Sophmore Year  
MATH 158 MATH 159
HUCO 101 PHYS 015
Divisional studies A Divisional studies A
Foreing Language Foreign Language
Semester credits 17 Semester credits 15
Junior Year  
PHYS 182 Physics track elective
PHYS 194 Physics track elective
CHEM 003 CHEM 004
Divisional studies A Divisional studies A
Divisional studies B Divisional studies B
Semester credits 16 Semester credits 16
Senior Year  
PHYS 190 Physics track elective
PHYS 178 Physics track elective
Divisional studies C PHYS 175
Elective Divisional studies C
Semester credits 15 Semester credits 15
Total credits 127  





1. Physics Department must approve the choice of language; students are required to demonstrate competency at the 004 level.
2. HHPL 159,160,161,164, or 175.
3. PHIL 051,053,055,057, or 059.
4. Consult the Department for a listing of valid courses that may be taken in this area. No more than 2 courses within a Division (A,B,C, or D) may be taken in the same department to satisfy Divisional Studies requirements.
5. One African American Cluster Course is required and may be used as a Social Science, or Humanities Elective - ENGL 054, POLS 006, HIST 005, AFST 101, AFRO 005, MUTP 100, or FASH 102.
6. The course Experimental Physics I WRTG (PHYS 702) satisfies the Arts and Sciences 3rd writing course requirement.
7. Physics Track electives must be taken to satisfy graduation requirements based on the students's areas of specialization. At least one PHYS course is required as a Track Elective.